Consider the following when forming a new ITAA group

Step 1: Find a suitable meeting place for your group

  • Does the facility accomodate participants with special needs?
  • Determine the cost of rent to use the facility
  • Identify when the rent will be due each month to hold the meetings
  • Does the facility require maintenance tasks (e.g., clean up, sweeping, vaccuming)?
  • What are the facility restrictions? (e.g non-smoking)

Step 2: Organize your group

  • Determine a name for your group
  • Decide on the day, time and duration of the ITAA meeting
  • Decide whether the group will be closed or open
  • Determine the group format your fellowship will follow
  • Select group officers (e.g., secretary)
  • Decide whether refreshments will be served
  • Set a fee to attend to pay for rent and refreshments if needed

Step 3: Register your group with ITAA to publish your group in the national directory