Possible Signs of Internet Addiction:

  • Excessive internet, computer or technology use
  • Internet or technology use adversely impacts relationships, academics, or work/life balance
  • Technology or internet use is concealed
  • The amount of time spent interfacingwith the computer, phone, internet or technology is denied or minimized
  • Friends and family express concern about the amount of time spent interfacing with technology
  • Difficulty extricating oneself from the device, computer, phone, tv, internet, or gaming device
  • Internet, computer or technology use is not utilized for study or work*

When trying to stop or refrain from computer, internet or gaming the following withdrawl symptoms may be experienced:

  • restlessness
  • irritability
  • lack of concentration
  • dyssomnia
  • anger and aggression
  • computer/internet/technology seeking

* There are cases known cases where persons with an active Internet addiction seeks out online occupations and professional pursuits which allow them to maintain their Internet addiction(e.g., a programmer who works 16 hours a day, a business owner who develops a business enterprise which requires frequent use of computer, technology or an online interface). This allows persons to excuse and/or minimize their excessive use of the computer (e.g., I need to be online frequently for my job, education, business pursuits.)